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 Force Archer - Skill Build and Upgrades

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PostSubject: Force Archer - Skill Build and Upgrades   Mon Jul 21, 2008 11:41 pm

Skill Build:


Get Power Shot and Fire Arrow to 9. Combo with Power Shot, Magic Arrow and Fire Arrow until u get Power Shot and Fire Arrow to 9, where u can combo with just 2 skills. Get regeneration as well. Upgrade Skill: Vitality Mastery. Get Dash from sword skills as well, but u can decide whether u do this early on or u wait till u got a certain magic rank. If will suggest to get to level 40+ to wear adept stuff so u donít waste too much time experiencing sword.


Get Repulsive Armor and max it to 20 ASAP, its your first final buff. Get Critical Shot and drop Power Shot. Combo with 3 skills until u get Critical Shot to 9 where u can combo with Critical Shot and Fire Arrow. If u plan to not combo much, u can get Precision to 20. Upgrade Skill: Reflex.


Get Explosion Shot, Fire Lance and Terra Lance and make them 9. Drop Magic Arrow and Fire Arrow. U can combo with Critical Shot(9) and Explosion Shot(9), or make them 12 and combo with 3 skills (use Fire/Terra Lance plus the other 2). Donít get Eagle Eye until u hit level 140 (Rank 15). Its a final buff but it cant stack with Vital Force (HP buff) so its better to leave it til u can stack both. U can also get Blind to 20 if u plan to do bosses. Upgrade Skill: Drop Reflex and get Defensive Sense.


Get Stone Cannon to 9 and Lower Defense. Lower Defense is a debuff great for PvP but u can get it to 9 if u donít have spare points. Eventually max it to 20. Lower Defense is also great for luring mobs cause it makes them agro. Some ppl like Poison Arrow cause it has Damage Over Time, but its kind of slow so its up to u. Upgrade Skill: Force Control.

A. Expert:

This is where the fun starts. Get Shadow Shot, Mana Condense and Vital Force. Mana Condense and Vital Force are final buffs so u need them at 20. Drop Explosion Shot and replace it with Shadow Shot level 9 if u combo with 2 skills or level 12 if u combo with 3 skills. Get Sharpness to 20 if u plan to play more support. At lvl140, Sharpness stacks with Warrior and Bladers attack skills.


Get Great Heal to 20. Donít get Vital Bless until u hit 140. Its a final buff but it cant stack with Vital Force (HP buff). Donít get Resist Intention until u hit 140 cause it cant stack with other more important buffs, besides its a PvP only skill. Upgrade Skill: Reflex or leave it blank til G.Master skills so u can buy 2 G.Master upgrades instead.

A. Master:

Get Thrusting Arrow to 20.


Get Gravity Distortion and make it 9. Get Art of Healing to 20. Upgrade Skill: U got many choices here. U can get Damage Absorb if mobs are hitting u too hard, Ruling Force if u need a damage boost, Sixth Sense if your Defense Rate is too low. I would go for Damage Absorb to make it safer. Later on u can buy them all but since u only have 5 upgrade slots, u need to choose just 1. If u left your Master slot free and got 2 free slots, u can get Damage Absorb plus Sixth Sense for safer PvE.


Get Shooting Star to 9 or 12 depending on your combo. Get Mass Heal to 20


Get Art of Sniping to 20. Upgrade Skill: The last u didnít pick, I will go for Sixth Sense. U can also leave the slot free so u can buy Change Force skill to start skilling up sword with magic skills. Up to u.

Now the skill line-up.

This is the skills and skill levels that you should have

(if youíre Transcender you should have enough points left)


Repulsive Armor lvl20

Eagle Eye lvl20 (only by lvl140+)

Mana Condense lvl20

Vital Force lvl20

Greater Heal lvl20

Mass Heal lvl20

Art of Healing lvl20

Art of Sniping lvl20

Thrusting Arrow lvl20

Resist Intention lvlX (only by lvl140+ and every level only adds duration is not worth having it at 20)

Vital Bless lvl9 (only by lvl140+)

Precision lvl20 (if u dont combo and u just spam skills)

Sharpness lvl20 (if u wanna play more support)

Lower Defense lvl20

Blind lvl20 (if u wanna help with bosses)


Critical Shot lvl20

Stone Cannon lvl18-20

Shadow Shot lvl20

Gravity Distortion lvl9

Shooting Star lvl9

Lightning Cannon lvl20 (if u do the stunlock combo)

Fire/Terra Lance lvl18-20 (if u use them)

Poison Arrow lvl18-20 (if u do the stunlock combo)


Itís up to you if u want to get Drill Shot. There are others who says that itís not good only for show.


Fade Step - lvl 9 (very useful because it helps you avoid being combo in pvp)

Dash - lvl 9

Upgrade Skills:

When you reach Transcender you will have 6 upgrade slots. These are the upgrades you should buy and max:

Vitality Mastery (a must have for any char - adds alot of HP)

Force Control (another very good upgrade - adds alot of magic=more dmg)

Force Rolling (same as above but better ^^)

Damage Absorb (good upgrade skill - adds alot of defense)

Sixth Sense (a usefull skill in PVE - adds alot of def rate)

And for the final skill you should pick either:

Reflex (if you like PVE more than PVP)

Defensive Sense (if you like PVP more than PVE)
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Force Archer - Skill Build and Upgrades
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