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 Force Blader - Final skill build

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PostSubject: Force Blader - Final skill build   Tue Jul 22, 2008 1:37 am

Sword skills:

Dash lvl9

Fade Step lvl9

Illusion stab lvl20

Infernal Stigma lvl18

Dance of Ruin lvl20

Abyssal Crystal lvl20

Force Impact lvl15-18

Force Slash lvl20 (pvp move)

Force Assault lvl20 (pvp move)

Infernal Impact lvl9

Assassinate lvl9

Magic skills:

Earth Guard lvl20

Lightning Blade lvl20

Aqua Vitality lvl20

Wind Movement lvl20

Stone cannon lvl 20 (for Bm1)

Aqua cannon lvl 20(for Bm1)

Lightning cannon lvl20(for Bm1)

Wind cannon lvl20(for Bm1)

Resist Intension
(most FBs donít use this much because they use their debuffs most of the time in pvp but itís still kinda useful.)

Execration *max it if possible*

Lower Defense lvl20
(you can also use this to lure bosses)

Hard Luck (max)

Darkness (max)

Field of Enervation (max)

Mana Freeze (max)

Field of Execration (max)
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Force Blader - Final skill build
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