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 Force Archer - Combos

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PostSubject: Force Archer - Combos   Mon Jul 21, 2008 11:37 pm

For PVP:

Obviously you start combo straight away and use these skills to attack:

Shadow Shot first (knockdown at start=good chance to win)

Critical Shot second (does allot of damage over a short period of time)

Gravity Distortion third (adds good damage with chance to stun)

Position Arrow last (again, adds good damage and gives poison damage over time)

After you used these 4 skills repeat all of them again.

Now for PVE:

Gravity Distortion first (stuns for long time)

Poison Arrow second (good damage and gives poison damage over time)

Drilled Shot third (good damage)

Prismatic Arrow fourth (good damage again)

Use these 4 skills on monsters and if you combo vs a melee mob it will be very hard for him to reach you ^^

(You can also use the PVP combo in PVE, for example if you’re killing a boss.)

PvE Combo: Gravity Distortion(9) + Lightning Cannon(20) + Poison Arrow(20) + Shadow Shot(20) + Stone Cannon(20) (99% stunlock combo but breaks if G.Master has no room to cast)

PvE Combo2: Gravity Distortion(9) + Shooting Star (9 or 12) + Critical Shot (20) + Shadow Shot(20) + Lightining Cannon(20) (Stuns and doesnt break when G.Master has no room, but u get hit once)

PvP Combo: Grativy Distortion(9) + Critical Shot(20) + Shadow Shot(20) + Poison Arrow(20)
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Force Archer - Combos
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