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 Force Archer

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PostSubject: Force Archer   Mon Jul 21, 2008 11:46 pm

Unlike Warriors, Bladers, and Wizards, the three remaining types of Authentic Six–Force Archer, Force Shielder, and Force Blader—did not originate from the Sage Tower. They were independently established and developed for hundreds of years since Nevareth Exodus by so called “Force Handlers”. However, as time passed by, the term “Force Handlers came to indicate all of the 6 Authentic Skills.

“Force Archers” originated from a Wizard group. They realized the potential of long-range magic spells, and studied how to intensify the particularity of the magic spells. The founders of Force Archer skills were greatly intrigued by distance and speed rather than space and power. They established the intensive long-range force attack skills for Force Archers, and created “Crystal”, an advanced version of Wizard’s “Orb”, which specializes in controlling force more than intensifying it. This great invention has resulted in creating another invention, “Astral Bow” that minimizes the risk of power decrease when using long-range force and improves force control and attack speed at the same time. Later, it served as a momentum for “Astral Weapon”, the embodied force.

Controlling Crystal requires at least a little bit of physical strength and agility. Force Archers do not move around much compared to other classes due to their unique battle style, and they wear armor such as “Battle Suit Set” from the Pastur continent which possesses better defense than light clothes armor. Well-experienced Force Archers can do fast long-range force attack, and if they master in force control, they can deliver a fatal blow to an enemy at a far distance with one shot.

Recommended Item

Armor: Battle Set

Weapon: Crystal

Recommended Distribution of Abilities

Crystal: STR 2, INT 6, DEX 4

This is the maximum STR and Dex stats that you should have:

STR: 113

Dex: 227

The rest you put in INT.
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Force Archer
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