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 Warrior Guide - Resource Management

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PostSubject: Warrior Guide - Resource Management   Mon Jul 21, 2008 2:52 pm

Resource Management

Most guides will use levels as a guide as to what you should be doing with your resources. But I will use a new way and that is to use an equipment-based guide system. The economy of this game can get extremely complicated and become very unpredictable, therefore I cannot provide you with an iron-clad guide as to what to do. But what I can do is provide with some very good tips as to what to do until you’re level 50.

IMPORTANT: If you are rush leveler, and I would like to introduce the “1 2 3” rule. This rule basically says, if you KNOW that you will be the first, second, or third of your class to read level 50, THEN SAVE all the money you get. When you get Shadowsteel drops, SAVE THEM until you run out of storage space. When you hit level 50, start crafting and recycle all the useless crafts you get until you reach the Adept craft. Once you have crafted yourself a set of Adept +2, then start selling them at 250k – 300k a piece. Given that you meet the “1 2 3” rule, you can get rich in no time.

If you cannot meet the “1 2 3” rule, give up on crafting, otherwise you’re going to dig yourself into a deep debt hole.


The guide I will provide next is based on what I believe is the optimal to wear the newest equipments fastest and save money at the same time. Some may agree with me, some may not. Whatever you believe, consider my guide and go explore yourself.


Basic – Iron Armor Set: During this period, you should be able to wear at least +4 or maybe even a +5 set. These should come easily from drops, however if you have horrible luck, then start yelling out that you want to buy these items and people will sell them to you.

Shadowsteel: This is where the real fun begins. At this level, you should ONLY buy a set of Adept +2 (Skill Exp +3 per Skill). Looking for the Shadowsteel great sword of Adept +2 could be some trouble, but I’m sure there will be someone crafting it.

Bluestin: Skip this set. If you find a +4 Epaulet, sell it.

Titanium: Get SLOTTED armor and weapons for this set only. You may want to upgrade this set to +4 or +5 and force core them.

Osmium: This set is very complicated. The Osmium set can have the single slot or the double slot, the problem with that the single slots won’t start pouring out until people reach level 80, after which the prices will drop like there is no tomorrow. However, I suggest you to get this set, but DO NOT upgrade it, just keep it at its normal state. Once you start putting on double slotted Osmiums, then start upgrading and force coring them. Double slotted Osmiums are boss drops only, so you won’t be equipping them anytime soon.

Shineguard: VERY RARE. At this level, the equipments are now class specific. This means that Warriors and Force Shielders will no longer be able to wear the “same” armor. Beside each Shinguard piece you will see (WA) or (FS): (WA) means only Warriors can wear this piece, while (FS) means only Force Shielders can wear this piece. There is no difference in stats or looks though. Because of the existence of this new requirement, it will be much harder for you to wear this new set, so be VERY patient. The best I saw was someone in Korean server with single slot Red Osmium Martial helm, boot, and suit. Yah I know, I stared at the screenshot and drooled all over my keyboard too. If you find a double slotted Shineguard piece, go buy the lottery, because most likely you might win that too.


The weapons are leveled and have names the same as the Armor set with the exception of Shadowtitanium and Red Osmium levels. Shadowtitanium weapons have the same stat requirement as the Titanium weapons but with a higher damage. Red Osmium weapons have the same stat requirement as the Osmium weapons but with a higher damage.


For capes, please note this:

+3 – Shadowsteel

+4 – Bluestin

+5 – Titanium

+6 – Osmium

+7 – Shineguard

Only if you equip the armor piece of these levels of armor will the cape show, with the exception of Nighworkers and Nightwalkers. If the capes don’t show, the stats are there.


+3: + 5 defense

+50 hp

+ 20 defense rate

+4: +10 defense

+100 hp

+25 defense rate

+1% flee rate

+5: +15 defense

+150 hp

+30 defense rate

+2% flee rate

+6: +20 defense

+200 hp

+35 defense rate

+3% flee rate

+7 +25 defense


+40 defense rate

+4% flee rate


+3: + 5 attack

+50 hp

+ 20 attack rate

+4: +10 attack

+100 hp

+25 attack rate

+1% sword amp

+5: +15 attack

+150 hp

+30 attack rate

+2% sword amp

+6: +20 attack

+200 hp

+35 attack rate

+3% sword amp

+7 +25 attack


+40 attack rate

+4% sword amp


+3: + 5 magic attack

+50 hp

+ 20 attack rate

+4: +10 magic attack

+100 hp

+25 attack rate

+1% magic amp

+5: +15 magic attack

+150 hp

+30 attack rate

+2% magic amp

+6: +20 magic attack

+200 hp

+35 attack rate

+3% magic amp

+7 +25 magic attack

+250 hp

+40 attack rate

+4% magic amp

*You are a Warrior, use Guardian or Fighter. Sage is useless to you.


Astral Board: You get the license at level 40, it costs 10 million, and you can purchase it from any NPC vendor. To equip the Astral Board key, you simply right click on it or drag it into your “ride” slot, which is the one above your cape slot. Once equipped you will retain the stat it provides even if you are not on the board.

Astral Bike: You get the license at level 80 and it is boss drop only. This is rare but not so rare when you’re high level. I got two astral bike keys in one Lake in Dusk run. Now the difference between bikes and boards is that bikes can be upgraded with something called the Plasma Coating and each time you upgrade your bike its stats will be increased. I was able to upgrade my Astral Bike key to +2, which was the only one in CB2 and there was only 2 other with Astral Bike Key +1. Now you can see how rare it is, maybe even rarer than a cape. Below is a list of the colors of the bike and the stat it provides at each upgraded level.

+0: +10 defense +20 defense rate (light blue)

+1: +12 defense +30 defense rate (red with tints of brown)

+2: +14 defense +40 defense rate (dark blue)

+3: +16 defense +50 defense rate? (brown)

+4: +18 defense +60 defense rate? (brown with a minor change in shape)

+5 (RW): +20 defense +150 defense rate +ability to open storage (dark blue OR dark red)

Now here is the promised Astral Bike RW key you guys waited so long to see:

Once you achieve the RW level, you will have the ability to open your storage no matter where you are just by right clicking the key AFTER it is equipped.

Adept – Skill leveling

Now, what the Adept set does is it adds a bit of skill exp to your skills each time you cast a skill, therefore allowing you to level up your skills much faster. There are two ways in which you can make this work, one will be for people who are new to the game and the other is for those who are familiar with the game.

Newbies: If you are new to the game and want to explore quests and is unfamiliar with the whole concept of comboing and chugging potions at the same time, you should wear the Adept set past Bluestin set and then switch over to the Titanium Set. However, during this time, you might still have to learn to combo and chug potions as well. During this period, you should be able to get a skill rank up or two. But this is pretty much it for the newbies.

Advanced: If you are a returning player and is very familiar with the Adept concept and is very good with comboing and chugging potions, then I would like to recommend the following strategy. Just like the newbies, you will skip the Bluestin set; however, I recommend that you skip the Titanium set as well. If you use my method, I guarantee that you will break G.Master by level 90 or less. However, you better be **** good with the whole concept of comboing and potion chugging.
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Warrior Guide - Resource Management
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