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 Warrior Guide - Boss Strategies

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PostSubject: Warrior Guide - Boss Strategies   Mon Jul 21, 2008 3:01 pm

Boss Strategies

Very simple, follow my strategy guide and you will beat the boss in one try. Oh and another thing, BUY LOTS OF POTIONS AND DRINK THEM LIKE MAD DON’T GET CHEAP ON THE POTIONS FOR BOSSES!!!


Very easy, just follow this quick and easy pattern and use a skill with a short cool down.

Hit, run, drink HP pot until full hp, hit, run, drink HP until full hp,…

Bloody Lihorn

Very easy, follow same pattern as I said for Wraith.

Plant Giant

A little more difficult because it will revive itself after you kill it, so you have to kill it two times. Make sure you don’t run into his roots he shoots out from the ground when you’re running around him. Follow same strategy, but instead of running away from it, run around it. He is still very easy.

Dark Jin

He is of the EXACT same format as Plant Giant.

Evil Wizard

In the beginning he will only shoot out ice beams directly in front of him. I will tell you how to take ZERO damage in the first part of the fight. Run right up to him, close enough to kiss him and you will take zero damage from his ice beams. After that, he will do explosions all over the room depending where you are so make sure you don’t run into his explosions. Otherwise he will revive and just follow the same strategy I’ve laid out for you.


I never quite understood why people have so many problems with this boss. It’s ridiculously easy. Follow this method and you will take zero damage, GIVEN that you are Master rank.

Sword Cannon, Dash through him to the other side, Sword Cannon, Dash through him to the other side…

Man…I don’t even bother to prepare potions for this boss, that’s how easy he is.

Vampire Rigel

Easiest boss(es) ever, GIVEN that you are Master at least. He is ranged and he is **** retarded, literally. The reason I said boss(es) is because you have to kill him in 9 different forms, therefore you have to kill him 9 times in a total of 9 different quests. Follow this method and take zero damage if you make no mistakes, but bring potions just in case.

Sword Cannon, move away, Sword Cannon, move away…

Ambush Boss – Name???

When you enter this level 94 dungeon in Port Lux, MAKE SURE YOU HAVE AURA AND BATTLE MODE 2 STACKED!!! I cannot stress this enough. When you enter the dungeon, you will only have 5 minutes with dark red mobs all around you. With your Scythe clean out the mobs and wait until the timer is over. After that, you will see the boss, which looks just like Dark Jin with some queer long name. Same strategy.

Sword Cannon, run, drink pot until full HP, Sword Cannon, run, drink pot until full HP…

Major Dungeons

Dungeons are very fun in this game with or without a party and they are GREAT places for EXP and rare item drops, especially capes.

Lake in Dusk

just visit this link. It is a better guide for Lake in Dusk


Ruina Station

To be updated…never got the chance to finish it, it’s really hard.
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Warrior Guide - Boss Strategies
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