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 Warrior Guide - Skills

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PostSubject: Warrior Guide - Skills   Mon Jul 21, 2008 2:48 pm


For the skills section, I have split them up into two sections, one for Active Skills and another for Upgrade Skills. The reason I will provide as to whether or not to get the skill will be backed up by reason and in game testing. However, some of you will find some skills suitable to your liking, even though I have declared it useless. Therefore, do not let this be an iron-clad guide as to what skills you learn and not learn.

Before I continue, I would like to make clear of some inconsistencies, and they are:

1. Knockdown – Literally means knockdown. Many people confuse knockdown and knockback. Knockdown will knock the enemy down, therefore giving you time to cast your next skill without taking damage as the enemy is taking the time to get up.

2. Knockback – This will knock the enemies back AND make them fall. Same as knockback but with that little extra kick of booting them a fair distance from you. This effect will cause your mob group to disperse, therefore you would have to regroup them.

3. Stun – Kind of obvious so I won’t explain what it does.

As to what each limit number represents, read the following:

Limit 1: Single target.

Limit 2: Can be piercing or it can be a 120 degree AoE in front of you or to your side. I will denote AoE and its direction with (Piercing), (Front), or (Side).

Limit 3: 360 degrees all around you.

Limit 4 (Possessed only by Wizards): 360 degrees around you with a larger radius.

Also, the reason I will tell you to get a skill to level 9 is because all skills have the same cool down time as their cast time when it is at level 9. The cool down of the skill at this level is also the shortest it will ever be at any other level.

3.1 Active Skills


FADE STEP: Let’s you move a short distance backwards. In PvP, this skill will cancel the opponent’s combo chain immediately. I believe it is useless.

FLASH DRAW: Limit 2 (Front) and Knockdown. Level this skill to level 9.

IMPACT STAB: Limit 2 (Piercing). Single target skill with low damage, however, this is the skill with the shortest cast time at level 9 possess by Warriors. Level this skill to level 9, it is great for skill leveling.

POWER STAB: Limit 2 (Piercing). Single target skill with low damage, however get it and let it stay at level 1 for the sake of having 4 skills for combo.


DASH: Let’s you move a distance in a straight line in front of you. This skill does not let you move through obstacles, but it does allow you to move through bosses and mobs in dungeons, which makes it particularly useful. For reasons as to why it’s helpful please read 8. Boss Strategies and 9. Major Dungeons, respectively. Level this skill to 9

CONCENTRATION [BUFF]: Increases your hit rate. I believe this is the most useless skill yet. Throughout the game, you should be comboing non-stop and combos never miss. So if you have a good reason as to why one should get this skill, I’d like to hear it. For reasons as to why you should be always comboing, please read 4.1 Combo Start.

HEAVY SLASH: Limit 1 and low damage. Do not get this skill.

PRESS IMPACT: Limit 2 (Front) and good damage. Get this skill to 9, and now you should have 4 skills, which should be your 4 combo skills.


BLADE FORCE [BUFF]: Increases your damage. Get it to level 20 if your skill point availability permits. If you observe carefully there should be a light blue glow around your weapon.

RAGING THRUST: Limit 2 (Side), knockback, and good damage. Remove Impact Stab and level this skill to 9.

RISING SHOT: Limit 1, knockback, and good damage. Get it if you wish

RISING BLADE: Limit 1, knockback and good damage. Get it if you wish.


CASCADE BREAK: Limit 2 (Front), knockback, and good damage. Remove Power Stab and level this skill to 9.

CHARGE: Limit 1 and low damage. Fun to use but nevertheless useless.

ROLLING CRASH: Limit 2 (Front), knockdown, and high damage. Remove Press Impact and level this skill to 20 if skill point availability permits. This is the first of your FINAL skills.

IRON SKIN [BUFF]: Increases Defense and HP. Get it to level 20 if skill point availability permits.


BLADE AURA [BUFF]: Increases your damage. Get this skill to level 20, however do not get this skill right away when you hit 0/67 A.Expert, because your Blade Force will give a higher bonus at this point. I suggest you to get Blade Aura and remove Blade Force once you hit 40/67 A.Expert, which is when you get Spiral Doom.

ROUND CUT: Limit 2 (Front and Back) and low damage. Get it if you wish.

SPIRAL DOOM: Limit 2, though it says limit 2, it will damage in the form of limit 3. Very high damage, this is the second of your FINAL skills. Get this skill to 20.


SWORD CANNON: Limit 1, ranged, high damage. Level this skill to 9 only, we need it only for the cool down because it does not add much each and level and has a low multiplier. This is the third of your FINAL skills and is otherwise known as the “boss” skill.

AURA BARRIER [BUFF]: Increases your Defense and HP. Get this skill to level 20.


TERRA BREAK: Limit 3, stun, TREMENDOUS damage. This will be the fourth of your FINAL skills. Level this skill to level 9 only, the reason is because at level 9, your cool down will match the casting time of 6.3 seconds. Therefore, with this skill, we are looking for a higher DPS then Damage.


WHIRLWIND: Limit 3 and the damage is OMG! This will be the fifth and final of your FINAL skills. Level this skill to level 9 only for the same reason as Terra Break.

*Final note on the Active Skills, once you get level 9 Whirlwind, you would actually only require 4 skills, and they are: Sword Cannon or Rolling Crash (if you choose Sword Cannon remove Rolling Crash, I personally prefer Sword Cannon), Spiral Doom, Terra Break, and Whirlwind. One of my friends in CB2 did an even better combo with only Spiral Doom, Terra Break, and Whirlwind each at level 9. Damage per skill wasn’t high, but he just kept cycling through these 3 powerful skills like mad, which gave him crazy DPS.

3.2 Upgrade Skills

Upgrade Skills gives a permanent increase to your stats AS LONG AS you have the skill learned. If you remove the upgrade skill, you will not get the bonus anymore.

HP MASTERY: Increases your maximum HP amount. This should be your first upgrade skill.

OFFENSIVE SENSE: Increases your damage.

DEFENSIVE SENSE: Increases your defense.

IMPACT CONTROL: At G.Master, this will provide a large boost to damage.

DAMAGE ABSROB: At G.Master, this will provide a large boost to your defense.
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Warrior Guide - Skills
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