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 Player VS Player Basics

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Player versus Player is a fast-paced battle that normally lasts around 10 seconds; you will, however, be given a 3 minute alotment.

It's 10 seconds to decide who is famed and forgotten.

Each class has different pro's and con's.

There is no level requirement but the higher your level and ranks, the more skills you have available to use.

More skills = more effective combo and therefore you have a much higher chance of winning a PvP

HP potions are not allowed to be used in PvP mode.


Stun + dash/ fade step/ blink + high damage skills.

Wizards are very powerful in PvP's if they are allowed to have their way with you. Your goal as a Wizard is to incapacitate the opponent and hit them as many times as possible. You have a low defense and therefore need to avoid physical blows.

Start at a range if possible, dash/fade step/ blink to get that range.

You'll have a pretty solid combo that shall change as you progress.

[Recommended Item]
Armour : Martial Set
Weapon : Orb

[Recommended Distribution of Abilities]
Orb : Strength 1, Intelligence 9, Dexterity 2

Wizard Special Skills:

Player VS Player Basics WIZspecial

Force Blader

"Smart" class, no consistent combo, no real power + debuffs.

As a hybrid warrior/mage, a Force Blader needs to be aware of skills, equipment and surroundings.
You'll have no real attack power, nor any effective defense, so your aim is to reduce the stats of your opponent whilst inflicting as much damage as you can. Faster skills combined with skills that inflict "continuous damage" at higher levels will very quickly deplete the enemy health bar, ready for you to make the final blow.

Whether you go with STR/ DEX or INT is your choice, but a Magic Force Blader won't have a very good chance in a PvP. Use sword skills and if the opponent is getting up from a knockdown, switch to Magic Spells whilst they are at a range.

Your combo will vary from opponent to opponent.

[Recommended Item]
Armour : Battle Set
Weapon : Katana + Orb

[Recommended Distribution of Abilities]
Katana + Orb : Strength 4, Intelligence 4, Dexterity 4

Force Blader Special Skills:

Player VS Player Basics FBspecial


The "brute". Based on strength alone, slow and powerful attacks, strong self-buffs.

As a Warrior you will need to take note of Skills and Equipment. Your aim is to hit as many times as possible.
The skills will do their job.

High damage output and high defense make a Warrior a worthy adversary in any PvP when handled correctly. Use higher level skills with a few lower level ones to add extra damage quickly, where the slow, powerful ones failed to make up.

Like the Wizard, you will have a fairly solid combo that changes through progression through the ranks.

Start within 1 or 2 squares of the opponent if possible. Use dash to get closer.

[Recommended Item]
Armour : Armour Set
Weapon : Great Sword/ Daikatana

[Recommended Distribution of Abilities]
Great Sword : Strength 9, Intelligence 1, Dexterity 2
Daikatana : Strength 8, Intelligence 1, Dexterity 3

Warrior Special Skills:

Player VS Player Basics WAspecial

Force Shielder

The "Magic Warrior". With a fairly high defense and insanely strong magic attacks your aim and battle plan is very similar to that of a Warrior.

Start, if possible, within 1 or 2 squares of your opponent and use your strongest skills available; throw in a few lower level ones with a fast cast time to make up for damage lost with slower cast times. If an opponent gets up from a knockdown at a distance, you have a slightly more open arsenal and can use a few skills at range before you need to return to close combat melee.
Critical damage will play an important part in the damage you inflict.

Again, pretty solid combo's that will vary with progression. Choose it wisely, depending on the foe.

[Recommended Item]
Armour : Armour Set
Weapon : Blade/ Crystal

[Recommended Distribution of Abilities]
Blade/ Crystal : Strength 5, Intelligence 4, Dexterity

Force Shielder Special Skills:

Player VS Player Basics FSspecial

Force Archer

The "support" class. Fastest magic skills, thus making the fastest combo's. Uber stat buffs combined with dash/ fade step, alongside a good Battleset + Crystals will have your opponent face first on the floor.

Start at a range if possible; dash and fade step to gain the upper hand. Fast magic attacks will quickly reduce the enemy health bar, but make sure they hit. All level skills are available as most have a very fast cast time. Choose those which are likely to give the most damaging results.

Sword skills are non-existant in Force Archers and they do little damage. Use no sword skills in a PvP.

Your combo will also vary depending on your opponent, but overall it will stay moderately solid.

[Recommended Item]
Armour : Battle Set
Weapon : Crystal

[Recommended Distribution of Abilities]
Crystal : Strength 2, Intelligence 6, Dexterity 4

Force Archer Special Skills:

Player VS Player Basics FAspecial


Dual-wielding sword class. With attack and dexterity on your side you can't fail. Your aim is to hit as many times as possible in as little time as you can manage.

Start in close range, preferrably 1 or 2 squares. Use sword skills to damage the enemy. Higher level skills will inflict the most damage, but also have the highest cast time; level them up and combine them with magic/ sword skills with a much lower cast time to make up for that missing damage.
Magic will be fairly average for a Blader, as they are strongest in Melee.

As a Blader you will have a very solid combo, little change will be needed against varied opponents.

[Recommended Items]
Armour : Martial Set
Weapon : Katana/ Blade

[Recommended Distribution of Abilities]
Katana : Strength 5, Intelligence 1, Dexterity 6
Blade : Strength 6, Intelligence 1, Dexterity 5

Blader Special Skills:

Player VS Player Basics BLspecial
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Player VS Player Basics
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