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 PK - Player Killing Penalties

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PK Penalties

*If you attempt another PK while in PK Penalty status, you will lose 1,000 Honor Points.
*If you kill a character while in PK Penalty status, you will lose 10,000 Honor Points on the top of the 1,000 points that you have lost by attempting a PK.
*If you continue attempting PK while in PK Penalty status, the severity and duration of penalty will be increased.

-> 1 PK : Cannot use shops for 10 minutes. There is no Honor Point penalty.
(Penalty for PK attempt is in effect starting from 2 PK)

-> 2 PK : Cannot converse with NPCs for 30 minutes. Therefore, it is impossible to use shops, storage, and instructions or proceed with quests.

-> 3 PK : Cannot converse with NPCs for 60 minutes, and other characters can PK you without receiving any penalties.

-> 4 PK : Cannot converse with NPCs for 100 minutes, and have a chance of dropping equipment upon death.

-> 5 PK : Will be confined within a labyrinthine prison for 150 minutes.

PK - Player Killing Penalties Labrynth
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PK - Player Killing Penalties
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