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PostSubject: Nation Wars CAPELA VS PROCYON   Wed Jul 23, 2008 1:14 am

Any map for levels 95+ are war zones. This means that you can be killed by any other player who is not the same nation as you. You will see if they are an enemy or ally by their name.

Allies appear normally, whilst enemies appear in "War Channel Sp33k" ("@%~%).

This is to mask identity.

Whilst on a war map you cannot communicate with anyone on a non-war map. It appears, to them, as this: "&$"!~@$".

War channel is the same (Channel 32), except it's free for all between everyone.

Red is somebody that has a Nation already, so this person is undoubtedly level 95+. Beware of these individuals.

Orange people are those without Nations; this would typically be somebody below level 95+, so they aren't as much of a threat; but this doesn't mean you can ignore them though, a lot of people are extremely skilled.

In any given situation, an Orange name can be anywhere between Lv.1 - Lv.170, so just because they don't have a Nation doesn't mean they can't PK you with one move.

If you are on a war map, those who are the opposite nation will appear in "war sp33k" in the color Red.

Those without a Nation will appear as "scribbled" names in Orange.


People with a white name are of your own Nation and pose no threat to you unless you happen to be annoying them in a PK zone.

War maps and channels give Honor Points for every kill. If, in a nation vs. nation, your one wins, you gain bonus Honor Points, much the same as in a Guild War.

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