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 Force Blader - Combos

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PostSubject: Force Blader - Combos   Tue Jul 22, 2008 1:33 am


Infernal Stigma(18)>Assassinate(9)>Infernal Impact(9) *Thats it, short aint it?.. Tongue but itís quite useful especially when your surrounded by mobs, stunning them a lot giving you time to hp pot or to escape*


Infernal Stigma is your only stun skill and it is also your ONLY LIFE SAVER!!Ö..


This is the best combo for FBs..

Force Assualt(20)>Force Slash(20)>Infernal Impact(9)>Assassinate(9)> Dance of Ruin(9)>Abyssal Crystal(20)>Force Impact(20)

Use Force Impact as a finisher moveÖ.

I myself use this combo and itís deadly effective..

Before duel starts use Lower Defense, Execration, Hard Luck then Mana Freeze(use this if your against FA, Wiz, Magic FS and other FBs.. you can also use this against Warriors, Bladers, and Sword FS but it will make it boring =/ they just stand there, doing nothing because they cant even cast 1 skill so no funÖ)

You might notice Infernal Stigma isnít included itís because of its slow DPS and i remember from my experience your opponent canít be stunned if he uses comboÖ
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Force Blader - Combos
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