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 Wizard Skills - Comprehensive Guide

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PostSubject: Wizard Skills - Comprehensive Guide   Tue Jul 22, 2008 12:11 am

Things to know about Skills:

* Limit? Itís a term they use under the skill description in the game
* Limit 1 - single target
* Limit 2 - Piercing ~ Line AOE (Area of Effect)
* Limit 3 - Around you
* Limit 4 - Large AOE. Only Wizards have this.

Standard spells - Every class receives these spells. Every rank has the same stats, but different type.


- Novice rank are single target spells

- Apprentice rank are single target spells

- Regular rank are line AOE (Area of Effect) spells

- Expert rank are AOE (Area of Effect) spells

Magic spells - Decent all around

* Aqua spells - Fast cast time, decent range and decent damage
* Ice spells - Fast cast time, long range, and decent damage. Good for pulling
* Wind spells - Decent cast time, long range, and decent damage. Good for pulling
* Fire spells - Long cast time, decent range and high damage
* Terra spells - Long cast time, short range and high damage
* Lightning spells - Long cast time, short range, and highest damage.

I suggest you get any of Aqua, Fire, Terra, and Lightning. This combination goes nice for comboing as well.


* Burning Hand - Close ranged single target knockdown. Get this to level 9
* Freeze - Ranged single target stun. Get this to level 9.

* Arrows - Single Target


* Dig Bomb - Ranged AOE (Area of Effect) knockdown. Get this to level 9.
* Icicle Shower - Ranged single target spell. Donít bother.


* Hydro Disk - PBAOE (Point Blank Area of Effect) spell. Combine this with Dig Bomb, it goes real nice. Note this spell gets you real close to the enemy.
* Weaken - Decreases both Magic and Attack. Great for duels and mini bosses. Get this later to level 20.
* Windcutter - Ranged single target knockdown. At this rank your better off with lances. Optional - other than the knockdown for comboing, note that this is single target


* Hardness - Increases Defense. Get this to level 20.
* Acid Trab - Ranged AOE (Area of Effect) DOT (Damage over Time) spell. Get this to level 9.
* Lightning Strike - Ranged single target spell. Note that this is single target -_-. At this rank your better off with cannons. Donít bother with this

A. Expert

* Sharpness - Increases only Attack. Useless to wizards, but great for Force Shielders. Optional but not recommended
* Energy Field - PBAOE (Point Blank Area of Effect) stun. Get this to level 9. Weak but real nice stun to escape and eventually you can chain stun bosses with this.
* Chain Explosion - Line AOE (Area of Effect) knockdown and knock back. Get this to level 9. This skill is okay, knock back is the only downside since it breaks groups of mobs, yet on the other hand itís great on mini-bosses later on.
* Vacuum - Ranged AOE (Area of Effect) knockdown. Get this to level 9. Like Dig Bomb.
* Master
* Chain Lightning - Ranged Large AOE (Area of Effect) stun and DOT (Damage over Time). Note that this DOT doesnít stack with Acid Trabís DOT. DOT on targets are determined by whichever one does the most damage per tick not overall damage of its duration.

Other Skills

* Combo - Your best friend in PVP as well as PVE. Comboing never misses, wizards rely on this skill the most since our attack rate (accuracy) blows.
* Fade step - Your best friend in PVP (Detargets you from players)
* Dash - Combine it with Blink, itsí twice as fast
* Chain Caster - Battle mode 1 ~ More damage, yet nothing special about it.
* Double Caster - Battle mode 2 ~ this is by far one of the best battle modes in the game it allows you to cast two spells half the casting time. Awesome for skill leveling as well as PVP.
* Elemental Storm - Battle mode 2 skill - Large AOE spell
* Magic to Sword - When leveling sword rank, donít bother with ĎMagic to Swordí your better off grinding sword skills since ĎMagic to Swordí hinders adept gear (Adept gear is not accounted for) and halves your normal skill exp.
* Vitality Mastery - A must get
* Sharp Eyes - Increases Attack rate - Suggested
* Reflex - Increases defensive rate - Not suggested because our defensive rate is already bad enough, but then why Sharp eyes then? Our accuracy is just as bad.. Well as a wizard we kill the target before gets to us so I rather have a higher chance to hit it. Although this may be the case, we have to consider PVP (Not Dueling), we need evasion as much as accuracy so a balance of the two would be best for PVP. PVE would be what I suggested.
* Defensive sense - Increases Defense - A must
* Force Control - Increases Magic Attack - A must
* Ruling Force - Increases Magic Attack - It stacks with Force Control
* Damage Absorb - Increases Defense - It stacks with Defensive sense
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Wizard Skills - Comprehensive Guide
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